Understanding Paprika | Paprika (2006) | Character Analysis

Paprika (2006)
Director: Satoshi Kon
We will be Understanding Paprika through her character and analyse what the Movie Paprika mean.
Satoshi Kon is the director of 2006’s Paprika. A film that follows Chiba Atsuko, a therapist that is looking for the mysterious thief that has stolen the DC Mini, a device that allows people to share dreams.
While her alter ego Paprika helps out Detective Konakawa Toshimi as he has trouble sleeping because of a homicide case he has yet to solve.
But the movie isn’t about the stolen DC Mini, nor is it about Detective Konakawa’s trouble sleeping. The movie is about the relationship of dreams and cinema.
How two powerful tools of escapism can be damaging.
Movies play a big part in Paprika, from Paprika herself proclaiming her love for the art, to Detective Konakawa having constant reminders of his friend who he helped create a short movie.
Movies are on the forefront of Paprika. This is because just like dreams, movies are a way for us to escape the mundane life the majority of us live.
And Paprika doesn’t shy away from its love towards film and the power it has. Escapism is the foundation of film. We go to the cinema to escape from the real world, from the taxes we have to pay, from the jobs we hate, and sometimes we need to escape the harsh reality of the world we live in. Cinema is a tool to let regular folks live exciting lives.
But what is the film saying about movies?
Satoshi Kon’s quote:

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