TTGL – Kittan’s Final Moments/ Chouginga Gurren Lagann Transformation

Since the uploading of my first video was a success, I thought I’d do this, as well, as this is one of my favorite parts of the series.
Again, I’ve searched through YouTube and all I was able to find was a Benny Hill version of it, and I laughed. Still, I took it into my own hands to provide the actual audio.
You know what happens: Kittan secures his spot in the Hall of Manly Fame with this beautiful display of his own Giga Drill Breaker attack, destroying the Death Spiral machine. His sacrifice allows Simon, Yoko, Viral and the others to escape the random ocean in space, convert it into spiral energy, and transform the Catheral Terra into the biggest form at that time — Couginga Gurren Lagann. Much more awesomeness ensues.
I do not own any of this. But if I did, I’d be filthy stinking rich.
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