Why Gundam Hathaway is the TRIUMPHANT Return to (Tomino’s) Universal Century | Hathaway Explained

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM HATHAWAY is the newest gundam entry to expand the Universal Century Saga. We are now in UC 0105, more than ten years have passed since the legendary rebellion led by Char and just short of a decade since the secret Laplace Conflict. Newtypes have been treated as a mere urban myth and all but denied from existence and Hathaway Hathaway is ready to make everyone remeber why he fighted in the old wars.
My name is Absa, and in this video I’ll try to explain why the Gundam Hathaway Trilogy Part One is one of the best modern adaptations of Tomino’s works considering the fact that the original Hathaway’s Flash was published from February 1989 to April 1990 as a series of three novels and Sunrise managed to tell a very interesting first part.
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