Seryu vs Mine AMV【Evolution】”Justice vs Passion”

My second AMV. The inevitable battle between Mine and Seryu finally went down!! (in english dub)
Seryu and her imperial arms Koro (the puppy) are fighting for a nation’s justice while Mine is fighting for a revolution to rid a nation from corruption. After Seryu found Mine in an empty canyon, she decided it was time to exterminate her and her “evil” while Mine fights back to avenge the death of her fallen comrades.
Disclaimer: The clips in this video are from Akame Ga Kill (produced by Toho Co., Ltd.) on Toonami on Cartoon Network and the song “Evolution” is by Korn. I do not own any of these clips or the song.
Inspired by: “Sasuke vs Deidara AMV – Evolution” by IllusionOfH8
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