The Entire Tokyo Revengers Story Explained

All Of Tokyo Revengers (So Far) – Hey everyone Diavolo here and in todays video we go over the ENTIRE Story Of Tokyo Revengers.. Tokyo Revengers Manga Movie, Tokyo Revengers Series Recap.
Hey everyone in todays video we go over the amazing story that is Tokyo Revengers, I go through almost every single chapter in each individual arc and retell the exact story. I absolutely love this story and everything about it, from the beginning of the Toman arc to the current running three deities arc it has some of the most amazing moments that I’ve read and keeps me constantly glued to each new chapter every week.
If you want to carry on with this story then start at chapter 207 after finishing this video, but if you do have a chance be sure to read the entire thing so you don’t miss anything I may have.
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