just anime characters falling pt2

hope you liked part 2 as well lmaooo. and yes, i’m sorry for not including mha.
anime’s + songs in order :
1: boogiepop phantom,,
—i can’t handle change – roar
2: gleipnir,,
—hope for the underrated youth – yungblud
3: tower of god,,
—i need somebody – day6
4: banana fish,,
—part of me – katy perry
5: angels of death,,
—say you won’t let go – james arthur
6: ouran high school host club,,
—falling – harry styles
7: naruto,,
—babooshka – kate bush
8: another,,
—I.L.Y – the rose
9: kizneiver,,
—i see red – everybody loves an outlaw
10: guilty crown,,
—epilogue: young forever – bts
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